I am really excited to announce that I am now head of the harp department at Xaverian High School. The boys have an eight person harp ensemble that is amazing and a lot of fun to conduct. Although usually I just sit down and play because they don’t really need me to shake a stick at them .


Cormac and Mia playing at the Irish Arts Center

Traditional vs Modern- Irish Harp Master Class
The ultimate touring musician’s nightmare-flying in over the Atlantic and your instrument is lost in transit! Cormac de Barra who is from a long line of Irish harpist had just this experience. Luckily he found local NYer Mia who lent him her CAMAC electro for his gig that night.
This Master’s Class is a result of conversations between Cormac who plays with Moya Brennan (the voice of Clannad) and teaches at the renowned Irish festival and school Cairde na Cruite and CALARTS alumni Mia’s work arranging harp for rock and avant-garde audiences.
Students will spend time with each instructor. Cormac will help students learn by ear and tailor the workshop to suit their interests by exploring dance tunes, harpers’ airs, slow airs and song airs. Mia will explore rhythm patterns, extended tech and practice tips to give a clean performance. All skill levels welcome!

At 7 pm a concert featuring electric and acoustic harp duos with Cormac and Mia.

Even if you do not take the class, you can enjoy the beautiful sounds of the harp at the evening performance!
Sun Oct 23rd, Master Class from 2-5:30, Performance 7-8 pm: Workshop- $50 general / $45 members, students, seniors Concert-$18
Irish Arts Center
553 West 51st Street
New York, NY 10019
*includes performance admission

Full bios of each artist and hi resolution images available for more info on the artists:
For more info email harpgrrl@gmail.com

Cormac playing and talking about Carolan

I am delighted to be playing the amazing John Cage piece In a Landscape for the opening of the Black Mountain College Show at the Loretta Howard Gallery. I am also going to play a few of Brian Eno’s pieces, Nymphs and 2 new compositions. I did a google search for my favorite Minimalists, but none of them have pieces for harp or they just don’t have them published


Amazing music with inspiring painting-what else is there to do on a Thursday night?

Black Mountain College

Opens September 15, 2011
Opening Reception September 15, 2011 6 – 9pm

Loretta Howard Gallery
525-531 West 26th Street
New York, NY 10001
P: 212-695-0164
F: 212-695-0672
Tues – Sat 10am – 6pm

The B side of my single is the song Misirlou. I am really excited that it is going to be used in a BRAVO tv series next season! I can’t tell you which one, but it is going to be amazing fun.  Misirlou

I am finally please to present my first real record! I have arranged the surf classics Apache and Misirlou for harp. Instead of going ProTools Dave Schuman and I set up a bunch of fancy mics and then I sat down and played everything straight through.
The photography is by my friend Hillary Hess and was done on real Film with no Photo Shop edits.

I should have a store with items for sale, but I am always more excited about creating. You can download everything on Itunes The vinyl 7 inch is $5 with $2 for postage. Please Paypal me and I will send you a record!

A darkly elegant evening of gorgeous melodies with a theatrical flourish. Ann Magnuson and Adam Dugas face off on vocals as Alexander Rannie and Mia Theodoratus strum their harps in this twisted match of musical one-upmanship.

The quartet thrusts and parries with an arsenal of tunes ranging from the ridiculous to the sublime: psychedelic calls to prayer, Henry Purcell’s Baroque art songs, Kraftwerk, Buffy St. Marie, Lee Hazlewood, Bongwater, and Pink Floyd, as well as original songs by Magnuson, Dugas and Theodoratus. The puppetry of Robin Walsh exponentially expands the whimsical and surreal beauty of the show.

Adam and Ann in a sing off from the LA production

On the occasion of the XVIII International AIDS Conference that started one day after the big event in Vienna, this year’s Life Ball was very special. On the 17th of July the Life Ball not only took place in the Vienna City Hall and on City Hall Square, but also at the Burgtheater (the former imperial court theatre) with the Red Ribbon Cotillion and the Parliament with the amfAR Gala. Attendees included former President Bill Clinton, Whoopi Goldberg, the Rockettes and Patty LeBelle.

Adam & Mia were invited to play at the amazing Club Sandwich Paris.  An amazing upscale party with gowns and tuxes dancing next to glamed out clubkids. This is how the world should be!

On the red carpet at Lifeball

One of my favorite things are old post cards with silly images of the harp complete with a beautiful girl, Doric, Ionic and Corinthian columns (including the one on the harp) in beautiful black and white. Hillary and I took a year or so to plan the shoot and the result is amazing.  She is going to use the gelatin silver process on the prints for a limited run. Here is a tease:

Night of a Thousand Stevies is the world’s most popular Stevie Nicks Tribute. This year I arranged the classic Stevie tune “Leather and Lace” for my amazing singer Adam Dugas and the lovely Amber Martin.

Night of a Thousand Stevies is probably the best-known STEVIE NICKS fan event in the world, a riot of shawls, lace, baby’s breath, twirling, tambourines and great performance. This event began at JACKIE 60 nineteen years ago with four performers, and has grown into a true spectacle, featuring countless interpretations over a marathon night. As always, this Enchanted evening will climax in a twirl of shawls and tambourines with the Battle of a Thousand Stevies near morning.

Leather and Lace-Stevie Nicks from Night of a Thousand Stevies, 2010 from harpgrrl on Vimeo.

I was hired to be a featured extra pretending to play harp on the new action TV show on AMC called Rubicon. In a quirky twist of fate, my original song Love Lost was chosen as the audio. It was an amazing experience and the cast, crew and director were totally cool and nice. Of course I had to take a snap shot of Pretty Princess the harp doing her thing.  I guess I have to buy a TV now and join the modern world….or I could just walk over to Adam’s and use his!